Artistic Patterns

We are inspiring others to think creatively 

Our Mission

"Send our message to the world through artistic patterns from our ideas and camera lens."


Creative Director  & Coach

"My thoughts pictures the color of my ART!  Patterns are the structure of my vision! " _Samuel Rodrigues

With 15 years experience in commercial and portrait photography and 2 years on the tech info office coaching industry, advising over 100 leaders and coaches. I am an Psychology enthusiast and Fashion Designer graduate from  Dublin Institute of Design. Who am I?  A curious mind, aiming continuous  improvement!  Sharing what I have learned along the way, it is fuel to my journey!  #beyourselfbealive

"Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud"

Maya Angelou

"The 'self' is who I am. Like George Herbert Mead, our sense of self comes from the human ability to be self-conscious. " _Oliver McFeely

With over 10 years of management and consulting experience both here in Dublin and Los Angeles, I hope to inspire you through our professional expertise. Photography is a mirror image of our self and realities. 





Co Founder & Creator