We have come up with a project to be released through  gay pride.

The masks are a visual concept of the challenges many Rainbow individuals face when 'coming out' and the social stigma.


This project represents a united diversity within the Rainbow community and some of the challenges our community faces.

The concept is to show that when we are coming out (taking off our masks), we are no different than before.

Each mask is represented by each colour from the rainbow flag with the edition of pink, black and white.

Pink has been historically a queer symbol;the pink triangle 

Project #rainbowchallenge will be released through June, also know as pride month.

Each week through out June, our posting will also try  to engage our followers to share their own stories of 'coming out'.

We all have different masks through our daily lives, even though we were all born naked.

At the end of the day, we all wear some kind of mask.


Behind these masks, we are all human.

We should be free for who we are.


We hope this project has inspired a voice within you.

We thank you.

So we should not be judged for the masks we wear. Just as Rainbow individuals should not be judged for 'coming out'