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    Can I just hire AP as a photographer?

Yes. We offer head-shots, portraits and commercial photo-shoots, catalogs, ads, social media, bloggers, vloggers, for those creating content you should hire us! Check here why or have a look at our services!

     Do you do your own post-processing? 

Yes, almost everything you see on our website has been post-processed by us. There are a couple off images which are not our work, but for the most part we try to find the time to do as much as we can. Post-processing is an important part in any photographer's work, but lighting, exposure and composition are the most crucial. 

To learn more about our photoshop techniques, you can check out our photoshop tutorials here! 

      How long will I have to wait for my photos?

We try to get images back to you as quickly as possible, and if you have a tight deadline then please do let us know. There may be a small "rush fee" applied if necessary. However, in most instances we aim to deliver images within three weeks of the photo-shoot being completed. If we believe it will take longer than that (due to volume of retouching, or other factors) we will always let you know this ahead of time.  

    How does your services works?

For photo-shoots - Find out more clicking here! 

For tailored services coaching, learning and inspiration, please give us some clues on how did you come to our website and we will be happy to walk you through your choices from our services:

We offer content from newbies to pro, learning the basics to directing and coordinating a photo-shoot!

We will walk you through on the Starting idea generation process to the final project! By understanding behavior patterns on set! If you are interested in portraying people for personal or professional purposes, let`s talk people!

Main Topics:



Raising Photographic Self-Awareness


Within those services, there will be 5 modules to choose from. Each service is priced accordingly and additional fees to add on, extra timing, find out more here!

We also offer free regular content on our blogs and social media feed


     Learn as a Team or Photography 101 - Coaching Program

  • One 2 one  

  • Team seasons  


How does it work?


We together have over 15 years of experience on the Consulting, Coaching, photography and editing industry, All over the world,Oliver has been an active consultant in LA, California USA, participated in workshops in Korea and Europe! Samuel has photographed and recorded in several countries such as Brazil, Europe and the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Ireland; where we are both based. To set up the best matching coaching program, please tell us a bit more about your goals and we promise to forward you a broad selection of options.  We offer  weekly workshops on photography from beginners to pro. We can teach indoor or outdoor to make you feel stronger in your artistic habit. We will teach you how to use focus better, play with light and objects and most important make you feel confident as a photographer. 


     Methods of payments?


We Accept all major forms of payments. Please ask for more info on this one!


     Extra fees? 


Travel expenses such as parking, shipping, or destination fees. Clients are responsible for all location fees and permits. 

     Can I change my dates/location? 

No date is reserved until a retainer is received. The retainer shall be applied towards the total cost of the service to be rendered.



In the event of cancellation, the deposit paid is non-refundable.