Project #rainbowchallenge

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

We have come up with a challenge to be released through gay pride, representing a united diversity within the Rainbow community, in order to bring visibility to our message for future projects to come.

Our message?

We hope that Project #rainbowchallenge will visually share some of the hardships that minority communities face, particularly the Rainbow in today's' modern society. While many societies have seen great success, such as the marriage equality, we still have much work to be done in order to achieve full equality for all humanity.


Project #rainbowchallenge will be launched June 1st, 2019. Twice a week, a new colour will be displayed, telling a unique to that specific colour. While our masks will convey the idea of 'coming out'. Throughout June or know as 'Pride Month', the visual representation will display the Rainbow Flag.

What do you think are some of the challenges that the Rainbow community face today?

Pride Fact - The Rainbow Flag #rainbowflag

The origin of the rainbow pride flag dates back to 1978. Created by its artist Gilbert Baker for the San Francisco Pride. And with help from the first openly gay man elected to public office in California, Harvey Milk. “I thought of the vertical red, white, and blue tricolor from the French Revolution and how both flags owed their beginnings to a riot, a rebellion, or revolution. I thought a gay nation should have a flag too, to proclaim its own idea of power” wrote Baker in his memoirs (Wong, 2018). The six stripes would become a global inspiration of pride and symbolize solidarity of the LGBT community around the world.

Originally the rainbow flag had eight stripes, but eventually redesigned to six. The turquoise and indigo stripes would be replaced for riyal blue and the hot pink became too costly to reproduce. Today's meaning for each colour;

red for life

orange for healing

yellow for sunlight

green for nature

blue for harmony

purple for spirit. 

The rainbow flag originally replaced the pink triangle, which was used by the Nazis to identify male prisoners who had been sent to concentration camps because of their homosexuality. Similar to the Star of David worn by the Jewish during the holocaust. Baker wanted to replace the pink triangle; “It functioned as a Nazi tool of oppression. We all felt that we needed something that was positive, that celebrated our love".

Newly addition to redesign the flag was introduced in Philadelphia, 2017 to add a black and brown stripe to represent people of colour.

Gilbert Baker pasted away in 2017.

Source: Wong, C. 2018 The History And Meaning Of The Rainbow Pride Flag, Huffington Post.

UPDATE: Project #rainbowchallenge kicks off with our first photo-shoot this coming Easter Sunday. With more the following weekend.

As we have had the first launch of our video for the #rainbowchallenge project, we would like to send out a big thanks to all of our friends and family who help contribute to our cause.

Full video -

We hope this colorful project will help other Rainbow individuals in their step in 'coming out' and owning who they are or to share their own story to the world. There should be no hardships of 'coming out' , because no one really should have to 'come out'. We should all just be accepted for who we are, regardless of our sexual identity, religion or nationality. 

All of us are true humans. 

We hope you will continue to inspire others and follow this project throughout Pride month 2019. 

There are still some amazing picture to come through out the rest of June, through our

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so stay tuned.

And Happy Pride 2019!

"Be a Rainbow in Someone Else's Cloud"

- DR. Maya Angelous