Dublin Pride - 2019

Or Brod Baile Atha Cliath in Gaelic or Irish, being the national and first official language in the Republic of Ireland. Not that many people speak it these days, we were just forced to learn it, like a baby being forced to eat brussel sprouts.

Dublin Pride was a special one this year, as we were celebrating the 50th anniversary of Stonewall. I hate using the word riot, as I often think of total law and order out of control. But I think Stonewall was just more than a riot, or a little offensive to call it one. We started our march down O'Connell Street, passing the GPO with HIV Ireland and Gay Switchboard Ireland. HIV Ireland have amazing services and training about and on HIV and AIDS since 1987.

All of Dublin was in great spirit, as this year was a record number of people. Now Dublin Pride out numbers St Patrick's Day Parade. With this year, an Garda Siochana had their first appearance, although this has sparked some debate and protest. As policing efforts for our rainbow community in the past have been meet with some brutal force, some were angered over their participation, but we say it is all about forgiveness and we have to be the better side. And this year, again we had our Defense Force marching through.

I think pride parade started out as a protest and today still embodies some of that protest. But it is also a celebration of the past and what our community has accomplished. We still need to protest until we can achieved full equality and for those unfortunate not to live in a community where there is no parade and those will less equality than others.

We will always be protesting and protesting louder, but our openness and sense of community will continue to grow for everyone!