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Coming Soon:  March 2020 

Workshop/tutorial Telling your Story -Perspective Light & Color 

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Color Grading: 

Telling your Story -Perspective Light & Color 

NOTE: On our coaching and consulting system:

from Newbies to Pro, learning the basics to directing and coordinating a photo-shoot!

What Now?

We will walk you through on the Starting Idea generation process to the final project! 

 If you are interested in portraying people we can share discuss and develop some ideas, Let`s talk People!

Each one of us sees ourselves slightly different than the others, which gives great room for interpretation. 

Through decision-making process and understanding of the context of the information you want to share, we build up concepts through light and coloring, telling a story of not only of when and where but also, gravitating your audience towards several spectrums of interpretation such as, Which season has this images passed?

How was there character feeling? (color can really set the mood of a story)

Which era? Which timeline in history has your model been portrayed?

By simply moving lights through the studio and experimenting with it, you will discover the immense possibility of what and how does it fit in your story. It reflects on how you want your audience gravitates to. 

My personal advice on Color grading:

You see what you see,

you feel what you feel! With that in mind your idea you should be perceived

Finding your message emotion on what you see and there it will be the image you seek, results from your own and unique distortion of perspective.  

Being of editing on set and pos production, decision making on how we want to convey must be consist story to portray your final image. 

Give it a try and let`s diversify together with our perspectives.


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